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What Participants Say:

Tony Clark

I recently completed the Effective People Management Program and cannot recommend it highly enough! The program has given me a fantastic base to work from as well as providing a number of invaluable concepts and techniques that I will continue to work on. Although the program content was very good, what was even better was how the program was presented. The training sessions were very interactive and basically a group discussion. This ensured that it was very practical and relevant as we were talking about real situations and real people and some of the concepts required a large amount of "thrashing out" as they were quite challenging.

I also felt the pace of the program was ideal. We had a 3hr session every 2 weeks over a 4 month period and this allowed time to digest and practice new ideas between sessions. As each topic was presented - it resulted in some repetition of key concepts, which was also critical for changing my thinking and developing new filters (habits). The program book was only briefly referred to during the sessions and provided a great reference guide between sessions and for ongoing reference.

I now feel far more confident in dealing with difficult people and challenging situations. The skills I have learned (and continuing to practice) are not only improving my leadership and effectiveness at work but also at home.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming more effective in any area of life

Lance Caspani

Regarding the Enhancing Teamwork Program, when I initially found out that I was participating, I thought 'Oh no, another boring waste of time' and I was not looking forward to the experience.  I would have to say though, the course held my interest/attention for whole two days it ran.

As a result of the course I have become more aware of at least two things; my poor listening skills and my focus on the job at hand.  Although I have not fully rectified either, I am working at it.  As an example, I was introduced to a new member of the football team and forgot his name within a couple of minutes.  I have since met a couple of work colleagues, recalled my inattention and what I learned from the course, and was able to remember their names straight off the bat.  As for losing focus, I find myself frequently being jerked back from 'La La Land'.  I'm not sure that I like the extra awareness (I get pissed off with myself), but it is a work in progress and I'm sure it will benefit me in the long run.

John Light

I recently participated in the Effective People Management Program, facilitated by David Barlow.  David's style of facilitating - challenges, motivates, inspires, thought-provokes, and encourages every person to involve themselves in the program.

I found every topic that was covered, e.g. Goal Setting, Communication For Performance, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Dealing with Difficult People, to be very absorbing, intriguing and relevant.

This program has helped me immensely - both in my personal life and my career.
I would highly recommend this program, as I believe it would be very beneficial to anyone who wants to improve his or her career and life in general.

Chris Steiner

Your carefully designed training, facilitated with precision to a willing community, was appreciated.  I have been able to reflect and see how each of the workshop days fitted into each other, how they built and supported the previous work.

David allowed open conversation and then backed that with interesting responses.  He was able to take a body of information that, while not necessarily a brand new topic to me, was presented in such a way that I was able to have a whole new level of listening, ownership and genuine learning that truly inspires me to design action plans to make positive changes in my life.  It is equally applicable to personal life and professional life.

I believe that a tamer version would definitely be beneficial to our 2IC/Team Leaders here at Huhtamaki.  I certainly look forward to training in the future with you.

Josephine Galazzo

Working in Caroma, the largest Division within the GWA Group, my role was to work with all of the business functions across many disciplines within the business with external and internal staff and customers.

Communication and engagement in business is one of the most critical aspects of our working career but one of the things that is so seriously understated.

With such diverse interaction required with staff and the like, interpersonal skills in dealing with customers and staff was critical as well as how to engage with different people on different levels, in often complex and difficult situations.

Over many courses that I undertook with David Barlow – the courses gave me an insight into how to deal with completely different personalities and how to obtain the best out of people in situations that were sometimes quite challenging.

Not only did the courses give me a great insight when working with others, but gave me an awareness in business acumen in dealing with people far beyond my expectations.  This insight has taken my career to great levels but more importantly has given me the opportunity to understand my colleagues and customers at a level where professional relationships and mutual respect for others has been invaluable, not to mention the insight into myself.

David has the capacity to “take one out of their comfort zone “, and take them to a much better place professionally and personally.

I would also have to add that David Barlow is also one of the best facilitators and instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Monika Pawinska

Before the course started a couple of months ago “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”.

Now…my day starts with 15 minutes of planning that makes my working hours more organised and efficient. Identification and focus of my energy on High Return Activities make me feel satisfied when leaving the office by the end of each day knowing that my personal productivity increases and that this way I am helping my company to move forward quicker.

I listen better by focusing on being present at the time, here at work and I have to say it also helps behind the wheel while driving half-awake every morning. I am a better communicator by knowing how important is to not only say what you have to say but make sure you are understood by others. I have learnt how the techniques of open questions can check others understanding and perception of what is being said.

I feel that I am winning every day since I discovered the power of becoming 1 Percenter. Loads of little things that I have adopted and do repeatedly lead me to continuous successes.

I am using detailed goal planning forms to break down my projects, avoiding procrastination this way.  I am more persistent in dealing with suppliers and stakeholders and I have implemented new cleaning system that so far is working pretty well.

By applying course delegation techniques and communication skills to difficult people I am achieving small but very meaningful progress in Product Quarantine Management every day.

Now I know what I didn’t know and this knowledge is the material that I will be constantly working on to become a better coordinator (who knows maybe a manager soon ;-)) better communicator, listener, delegator, planner and most of all I will be continuously working on breaking old impractical habits and selecting modified filters and thinking patterns.  Now I know that I didn’t have to be great to get started but I only had to get started to become great…well maybe not yet but definitely in the future 🙂

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