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A Secret to Success

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How often do we give up before the finish and then stand back and think – “You know what?  I could have got there if I had just stayed a bit longer”!  If this doesn’t apply to you – then you are one of the lucky ones that have managed to get through life by…

Winners get more stuff done!

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In the long run, performance counts.  In fact, only the things we actually DO really matter.  The things we DO are how our lives are measured.  Generally speaking, our intentions do not count.  The road to failure is “paved with good intentions.”  Even our values do not matter unless and until they are put into…

Hearing is Not the Same as Listening

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Try this quick quiz.  Hands up who’s a good listener.  If you are like most people, you will have answered – depends!  Depends on what?  Generally, it depends on who we are talking to, the subject, our personal interests, our biases, loves or hates.  Sometimes we’re tired and other times we are pre-occupied or just…

Mehrabian and Tone

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Many years ago Albert Mehrabian a Professor at UCLA in the United States created a hotly debated and much criticised piece of work.  He postulated that communication was made up of three key components; words, tone and body language.  He went further and stated that each could be ascribed a percentage of value relative to the total…

Next Please – Learned Dumbness in Action

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Recently I found myself at the sales counter of a major Australian airline.  As I had to pay an excess baggage fee and there was no queue, just me – it seemed sensible to walk up to the kiosk and place my ticket on the counter.  Behind the desk were two customer service representatives who…

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