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Our Reach.

In an increasingly networked world - the size of a business is not always a determiner of success.  It is often who you have relationships with that affects the outcome.  We are a small firm but our networks and reach are large.

We have very defined lines of expertise.  If your need is beyond our scope, we have ready access to a wide-ranging network of Human Capital professionals.  Top tier accounting and consultancy firms, organisational psychologists, performance system integrators, recruitment specialists, engagement surveyors, risk management experts and industrial relations professionals all form a part of our reach.

Our Philosophy.

Southern Star is dedicated to the realisation of human potential.  Our philosophic intent is a key determiner of our methodologies. At the core of our beliefs, lies the fundamental axiom - all people have the capability to change, grow and improve their position in life.  Regardless of culture, ethnicity, education or physical limitations, a person's view of their world is capped only by their thinking.

Our three key tenets are:

  • The quality of our thinking will determine the quality of our life.
  • It's not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts.
  • Our thinking drives our behaviour and our behaviour determines who we become.

All of our work is driven by these three ideals.

Our Value Proposition.

We are Australian and proud to be so.  We believe in the importance and the deliverance of the following values.

  • looking after your mates and those less fortunate than you
  • saying what you will do and delivering on what you say
  • doing more than what is required of you
  • excellence is a learned behaviour and worth exceeding
  • a handshake has value and must be honoured
  • persevering until the job is completed to everyone's satisfaction
  • accountability is not to be talked about, it is to be acted upon

David Barlow.

David is the principal consultant for Southern Star Learning.  He is a senior coach, experienced program designer, lead facilitator and a critical thinker.

For over twenty years he has worked as a Learning and Development Professional.  From small business to large organisations, David has gained valuable insight from having worked with over three hundred businesses.  He has facilitated thousands of people to improve their personal performance.  In many cases he has enabled people to permanently change their working and personal lives for the better.  Having worked with elite athletes as a mind coach, his approaches are not limited to the corporate training room.  And when it comes to engaging people, he is equally at home in the boardroom or a dusty paddock.

He holds external professional positions with McKenzie Carrick, a Corporate Psychology firm and triAlchemy, a Human Capital Risk Management consultancy.  For a number of years he held a Senior Licensee position with Leadership Management Australia and was recognised as sales leader and motivator of the year for this international consultancy firm.

Outside of the work, David is a keen ultra endurance athlete, a white water paddler, caver, climber and skier.  Over the years he has journeyed to many remote parts of the planet in search of adventure. By spending long periods of time in isolated and often very harsh environments he has gained a unique insight into human behaviour.  The value of quality leadership, timely decisions and effective teamwork under difficult, physical and mental conditions has positively shaped the way David facilitates and develops people.

He is a strong believer in Henry Ford's axiom:

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't - you are right.

Make a choice.